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New 40 Octaves Below “Diesel Priest” Remix Featured on Angelspit’s New Single “Killed on Camera”

New 40 Octaves Below “Diesel Priest” Remix featured on Angelspit’s new single “Killed on Camera” drops January 10. Featuring the exclusive B-side “I am Laughing” plus 9 remixes from artists The Gothsicles, Dirt Factory, Batavia Band, Nervous?, :Waijdan:, Upon Eventual Collapse, 40 Octaves Below, Liquid Moral Cult and Live Evil Productions.

“Dead Silence” Remix Album Annoucement

New remix album set to rollout June 11th, 2021. We have an amazing lineup of artists contributing to this “Dead Silence” remix collection. Tracks by Angelspit, DI Auger, The LSD (Left Spine Down), Peril Erinyes (of Phantom High) featuring Seven Six on guitar, iVardensphere, Live Evil Productions, Mesmer’s Ghost and Trick Casket. This is a...

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