1. escape plan xi mesmer's ghost 3:44
  2. data drone ix mesmer's ghost 5:12
  3. existential crisis vii mesmer's ghost 5:22
  4. delta zero i mesmer's ghost 3:56
  5. black mother xiii mesmer's ghost 4:40
  6. inversions v mesmer's ghost 8:47
  7. slipstream iii mesmer's ghost 2:58



Drake Moore

Composition, Mixing

James Seaborn

Composition, Vocals


Mesmer’s Ghost is the collaborative project of Drake Moore (40 Octaves Below) and James Seaborn (Innanfra).
Programming/Arrangement/Mixing/Mastering by Drake Moore.
Programming/Vocals by James Seaborn.
Artwork/Design by Drake Moore.

“Stoker” by Mesmer’s Ghost