1. digital fracture 40 octaves below 3:17
  2. frequency shifter 40 octaves below 4:59
  3. in black 40 octaves below 4:01
  4. siKr 40 octaves below 5:43
  5. boot error 40 octaves below 4:02
  6. ejecta 40 octaves below 4:31
  7. creep-u 40 octaves below 5:16
  8. viscera 40 octaves below 3:29
  9. siKr (original inception mix) 40 octaves below 2:16
  10. viscera (kill mix) 40 octaves below 2:53


Drake Moore

Drake Moore

Composition, Mixing, Vocals

:the bits:

sound is a wave 40 octaves lower than the frequency of light.  it is where we return seeking inspiration, escape and often ourselves.  this idea encapsulates a project not separate from the medium or other participants.  it is a transmission recorded to the subconscious.  stored for playback on demand or otherwise.  it is a rendering that becomes yours.

it is not a product.  it is the product.

13 years in the making, 40 octaves below is the culmination and the journey.  it is about programming and re-programming; updates, deletes and refactoring to reflect new information.  an expanding awareness of self in the simultaneous past, present and future.

it is about choice, control, loss of the illusion of control and the discovery of purpose and infinite possibility.

it is us.

we write this together.

together we are the channel, bridge and creator.

we are those behind the mask…