1. digital fracture 40 octaves below 3:17
  2. frequency shifter 40 octaves below 4:59
  3. in black 40 octaves below 4:01
  4. siKr 40 octaves below 5:43
  5. boot error 40 octaves below 4:02
  6. ejecta 40 octaves below 4:31
  7. creep-u 40 octaves below 5:16
  8. viscera 40 octaves below 3:29
  9. siKr (original inception mix) 40 octaves below 2:16
  10. viscera (kill mix) 40 octaves below 2:53


Drake Moore

Drake Moore

Composition, Mixing, Vocals

:the bits:

sound is a waveform 40 octaves lower than the frequency of light.

40 octaves below is a vibration where the listener/audience is not separate from the transmission. drake moore provides the channel for this manifestation filtered through it’s own evolving carbon based construct.

drake hails from earth, the third planet from solis in the planetary system known to tellurians as “the solar system”. it is in this shared dimension of reality where the aquisition and assimilation of desired data inputs to further the ongoing transmission is given due priority.

a new release is in the works and planned for late 2020/early 2021 entitled “dead silence”. it promises to be a departure, an escalation and a response. it is the calm that comes before…

we now reside in vancouver, bc.